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Here's another one.

A lot of companies use the old 'Bait and Switch' tactic.
They start out with an impressive sales presentation on all the "extras" they do, and then they show you a discount, usually something like, "Because you are a member of this group you get a special price," or "Today only, I can give this all to your for..." 

Click on the Logo so see one of these sites.

Here is a business that went with one of these guys and
is paying the $100/month "discounted" fee. 

Note their older "Template" style site. These types of sites went away years ago and in fact, Google is penalizing them.

Another issue, this is ONLY a website with No video support. It does work on some mobile devices but has major issues on Tablets.
Reason: It's one of those 'Redirect to Mobile' systems Google is starting to De-List.    

Bottom line, you usually pay a Minimum of $100 a month.  
Why would anyone pay that when there are Far Better Alternatives for FREE? 

So what do you get for your 'Discounted' price of $100 per month?  

A website only. (You could build this entire site, but superior, for FREE.)
They must manage it and that's by design so they can charge you for each and every update or change. They even supply you with a rate schedule for add-on fees but every now and then there is usually ringer, and that that just happens to be in fine print of the contract.
Oh, did I mention they Lock you into a Contract
No Video Support. (This is a Very Big Deal in today's world.)  
Very basic S.E.O. They talk a good story but in essance are simply using the Free Google Tools and charging you a premium.  And the fact they have no video will KILL your S.E.O., but of course they don't tell you that.
Email is Extra.  They make your customers jump through hoops and fill out a form to contact you. They do this so the emails are routed through them and they capture your customers information.  
the BIG ONE, they give you a Very Hard Sell that they must take over your domain name so they can publish your "new and improved" website.  
Here's the kicker. When you decide to leave they now own your domain name.  Sure you can leave, they will "Sell" back your domain name for X Dollars, usually more than $300.00.  

And folks, there is no way around this. Domain Names are Real Property and once you surrender ownership, it's theirs and they can hold you hostage for whatever they want.

Here's Another One


They START at $200/month and their system is a Very Basic system. The guy on their video makes a Very Big Deal about a statement to the effect that they are "The Only Company on the Planet" that will Build your website for Free!
Not only is that false, they should build the site for free at their going rate of $200 a Month! Do the math, you'll pay $2,400 a year for their basic package...and it goes up from there. 

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