How cool is this?
Whats-out has an incredible system to keep everyone in the loop.

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Push Notifications

Push Notices work in All Industries.


How cool is it?

  • Your main use for Whats-out Push Notifications is to send to certain users or all users.
    [It's a slow day and you want to fill seats. Push out a special, "Next two hours only...]
    [Like in the movie above, someone has special ordered a shirt, Push Out that it's in.]
    [20 people have expressed an interest in that shirt. Push out that they are in.]
    [You want to get feedback on how many people would be interested in a special order before you have to commit to a purchase. Push out a "You might be interested" button to see if they are indeed interested and that can drive your purchase decision.]
  • Pulse-Out is geared mot towards catagorizing groups for Push Notifications. Create different groups with different messages for each or all groups. You can have multiple categories, mulitple goups and multiple messages.
    [Members: An organization would have group for everyone who gets the updates.
    [Board Members: Separate group for the Board.]
    [School Faculty: A school might have Faculty, Substitutes, Parents, etc.] 
    Each could have different messages and one click sends that message to that group.
  • Both Whats-out and Pulse-out can send these messages with GeoTargeting through the GeoFence and or the Beacon, and each can be different.
  • Just compose the message, maybe take a picture like you see above and click to send.
  • The message is usually on their phone by the time you take your finger off the Send button. It's that quick!
  • This isn't like email, it goes out NOW and with 100% reception and the don't need to have a program open, like with email.
  • No Virus blockers and junk mail to deal with like in email. 
    It doesn't send the attachments like in email, it's Secure.
    Unlike email, it cannot be hacked.
  • For the user, one swipe and it's gone. No clicking on their end, a feature they Appreciate.

Exclusive SendXPRS
Email Marketing

We also have an Email Marketing System.


Email is still a Very Effective form of communication.

Question, what if you want an automated V.I.P. Customer retention system to Find, Qualify, Maintain Contact, Present, Sell, Orient, Train, Education, Update, Announce, etc? 

It's like you have a dedicated secretary churning out messages, staying in contact with your customer base on a personalized basis, keeping them in the loop and doing it all with the #1 activity in cyberspace, VIDEO because you can link to any video you need?

It's almost like having your own private secretary.
You simply send the system an email from any email client, add links, pictures, whatever you need. The system then turns around and blasts that message to everyone on the list.
They are sent in BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) format so the names are not available.
Recipients cannot send to the list. They can only reply to the list administrator, nobody else.
This gives you the ability to communicate directly with them.
Build your own Customer V.I.P. Lists, even several for different needs because each list has it's own email address. You just send to that address and it does the work.
  • Grow each list as large as you need, they are delivered in bulk, depending upon the plan you choose. (We have several starting with the Amazon service where you can send 62,000 a month for FREE.)
  • Create different messages and different groups.
    Now you can go in and have a series of messages to be delivered to different groups, delivered on a timeline you want.
  • Throttling - When you deliver to certain email addresses not all messages are delivered and that's something you can't control.  Example, Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail and several other discard all your messages when you reach a certain threshold per hour. Gmail and Outlook have a threshold of 500 messages per hour and once that level is hit, all deliveries stop. All your messages that have not been delivered yet are basically killed and you never know. YOu think they were delivered because they didin't bounce back but in essence they just went away. We allow you to set the hourly limit.
  • Tracking - Have it notify you of opens, bounces, clicks, etc. You control your options.
  • Scheduling - You can set different messages to be delivered to separate groups at different times, and these schedules can be set to deliver in individual schedules for different messages.